History of Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church
      A group of members from the First Missionary Baptist Church of Lomita Calif. formed the initial assembly of the mission in Carson. They were granted authority as a mission extension of the Lomita MBC.

      The first entry in the book of minutes recorded, “The International Chemical Workers Union Hall at 21512 S. Main St. Torrance was rented for the sum of $15.00 per Sunday.” It was agreed to call the mission, “The Carson Missionary Baptist Mission.” No date is given for this entry. (At some later date this area of the city of Torrance became a part of the city of Carson)

December 3, 1961 – Sunday morning is the second entry in the minutes. This is the inaugural meeting and eleven were present for Sunday School. Brother Harold Hosman preached the first sermon of the mission.

December 10,1961 – Evening service, the mission agreed to ask Brother Hosman to be the missionary for this work.

January 14,1962 – “The Mission rented the Building at 24400 Avalon Blvd, Wilmington, Calif. for the sum of $100.00 per month. It was agreed to call the Mission “The Avalon Missionary Baptist Mission.”

March 24,1962 – Organization of the “Avalon Missionary Baptist Church.” Church organization service was held at the First Missionary Baptist Church of Lomita Calif. at 7:30 P. M. (There were twenty-one charter members)

      The men in council were: Elder E. A. Sharver, Elder Hoyt Chastain, Elder Allen Adkins, Vernon Stanley, Gerald Hosman, Lester L. Acton, Paul Cline, E. F. Cook, Marvin Shuffield, Edgar Shuffield, James Clark, Walter Moore, L. D. Christian.

      The new Church adopted the Articles of Faith and Church covenant contained in Ben Bogard’s Baptist Way book.

      The Church declared itself to be in harmony and fellowship with the Churches of the American Baptist Association and the Cooperative Association of the Churches of the state of California.

March 28, 1962 – First business meeting of the church. Brother Gerald Hosman elected as pastor. Other officers elected at this time.

February 20, 1963 - Offer made of $25,000 for property located on the corner of Grace and 220th Street (the address of 503 East 220th, Carson).

March 22, 1964 – Sunday afternoon. “Brother Hosman brought the dedication message, dedicating our new building to the Lord.”

September 22, 1968 - The church voted to change the name of the church from “Avalon Missionary Baptist Church” to “Immanuel Baptist Church of Carson.” Eventually the name became “Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church.”

December 27, 1987 – The Wilmington Missionary Baptist Church merged with Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church. The new church body kept the name of Immanuel Missionary Baptist Church. Brother William Bekgaard elected pastor. Twenty-four members of Carson and eighteen members from Wilmington united together.

     Names of men ordained into the Gospel ministry and missions of the Church, regrettably are not readily at hand.

Men who have served as Pastors:

Gerald Hosman March 24, 1962 – Dec. 9, 1964
Marlin Gipson August 8, 1965 – May 22, 1966
Edgar A. Sharver May 29, 1966 – Jan. 24, 1973
Jerry Waymire March 11, 1973 – July 24, 1983
Choi Hokama Oct. 9, 1983 – Dec 27, 1987
William Bekgaard Dec. 7, 1987 - present

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